On Saturday, April 24th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET the Canadian Prophetic Council will be hosting a Prophetic Training with Patricia Bootsma, Stacey Campbell, and Emma Stark.

We are looking at covering the following topics in our time together:

  • What the prophets are discerning regarding the times that we are in.
  • How to test and discern prophetic words during these times.
  • Biggest lessons and mistakes in the prophetic.
  • Panel discussion on what the prophets are sensing for Canada in this season.
  • How to grow/function prophetically in this season.

Please note that we may have time for Q & A at the some point during the training.

Stacey Campbell is the founder of the Canadian Prophetic Council and a recognized international senior prophetic voice.

Patricia Bootsma is a member of the Canadian Prophetic Council, was the leader of it for a season and is also a part of the senior leadership team with Catch the Fire Canada.Emma Stark and her husband are the founding directors of the Glasgow Prophetic Centre and the Global Prophetic Alliance. 

All three have a strong track record of mature prophetic ministry and accuracy.

The cost for this will be $45

We are excited to have you join us. Please contact Pastor Sharon Witton if you have any questions at