Jan. 5th, 2018 - The Invitation To The Table / Kirk Smith

In this dream I came to the front door of a large home. It was my bestman from my wedding in the natural. I sensed he represented the Friend of the Bridegroom.

He invited me in and as we started to walk through the house, he started to show me the obvious. The house had been neglected. It was in a dilapidated state. I knew that the house was the Canadian  prophetic and prayer movement.

In the midst of him showing this to me the Spirit of prophecy fell on me and I said “ But it doesn’t have to stay this way.” I could feel the authority of the Lord as I spoke. The words came forth from my mouth with faith, hope and love.

We then continued to walk around the house into a different area. Suddenly, from my right, a wall open to the house and angels came in with a table. I was awed by the presence of glory that rested on it – and its beauty. I said, “What kind of wood is this?” I heard a voice say, “It’s pure Canadian. It’s redwood.”

The table was hand carved out of of one thick piece of redwood. It also had precious golden leaves perfectly inlaid in it. I have never seen anything like it.

I said, “Whose table is this?” I began to turn to the right and at the same time a voice of authority hit me in the chest and pushed me back declaring, “It is here because you ordered it!”

I was left with the deep impact of the voice continuing to reverberate through me. I wondered, “How did I order this? What did I have to do with this?”

I then looked and saw that the voice came from an elderly man who I knew to be the Heavenly Father!  He was standing beside the front of the train near the engine and first couple of cars. These were connected to the train on the tracks in which the table had been loaded off by the angels.

The angels began bringing chairs that were in the likeness of the table. 

I noticed that the car that the chairs came off of had a door that was made of lattices. Immediately I thought of Song of Songs 2:9. The heart of the invitation was from the Bridegroom to the Canadian prophetic forerunner church/prayer movement. 

My heart was deeply pierced. I felt the depths of the Bridegroom’s heart and the sense that He has been preparing this table with such deep love from throughout eternity. I was made to understand that He invested everything into this table as an invitation to the bride in Canada. At the same time, I could feel the vulnerability of His heart. There was a question, “Would she value? Would she treasure? Would she love the table as He does? Would she respond to His invitation and come to the table?”

I knew that the chairs were for leaders in Canada come to His table together. They were the first ones being called.

I could feel the waiting in His heart, “How will She, His bride respond? 


Humility, humility, humility. In another dream the Lord spoke to me that humility is the Kingdom key that will get us to the table. He is healing us as a nation so that we can bring healing to many nations.