June 20th - Word of Encouragement for the Summer - Sara Maynard

God’s Summer Strategy — Hospitality

The Lord has been saying to us, that beginning this summer there is a fresh grassroots evangelism strategy which He is calling the Church into — hospitality! While it seems simple and obvious, there is now a new grace and boldness to extend ourselves and a wonderful anointing that will be released in as we do. Expect God to move as we open our homes, set our tables and fire up our barbecues! 

 There is a particular focus on neighbours, with a call to be more aware and more invested in our neighbourhoods, but it’s not just neighbours, this includes others in our lives. And the hospitality we are being asked to step into is about us sharing our lives, rather than polished entertaining, it’s simple and real. It’s not just one big event, it’s loving our neighbours (and others) with our lives. It’s a potent evangelism strategy yet at the same time the Lord wants to use generous hospitality as a prime way to build new depth of kingdom community in churches. This is an Isaiah 54:2 moment, a call to stretch out our tent pegs to invite others to encounter the presence and love of God in the simplicity of our homes and families.