March 12th, 2019 - CPC Release

About the Canadian Prophetic Council (CPC):  The CPC is a company of recognized and mature national prophetic voices or those who function in the office of the prophet in Canada.  The CPC seeks to serve the Body of Christ in Canada, and the nation at large, through the prophetic gift and office.  

The CPC has been in transition for the last few years but is now reconvening to release public words. Following is the March 12th, 2019 prophetic release from the CPC. This report is not an exhaustive one but rather highlights the most dominant themes that the CPC has been hearing in early 2019.

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This is a season of reconciliation and the restoration of relationships in the Body of Christ.  Some of those – particularly leaders – who have not walked closely together for some time are now being brought back together for God’s purposes. This will release healing to the Body at large, great synergy, momentum and power. This is a season where many leaders are going to turn over a new page with one another and move forward into new things with one another. It is a new day, another fresh opportunity.

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This is a season where prophetic oil is going to be moving afresh.

We believe the CPC reconvening is a manifestation of this – but it is clearly not limited to the CPC. This is a season to press in for fresh revelation for the times. For those who press in and are tuning their ear to heaven, this will be a season of great revelatory release in prayer, in revelation from the word, in dreams and in visions.


2019 will be a year of acceleration. This is already manifesting on the national stage where things are shaking and shifting swiftly.  

This will be the year of the quick window.  Many are going to be given incredible and even life changing opportunities in this year. Because of how fast things are moving, the windows of opportunity will at times be short and will require courage.  

Those who move swiftly into the purposes of heaven, with courage, will reap much fruit. This could be the year of the great promotion where many look back and see that the choices made in this year set them on a life changing trajectory.  This will particularly manifest in people’s occupations and careers.  

This is a season to step out of the old and into the new. God is doing new things in the lives of many and calling many to step out of their comfort zones – which may include “good” activities, which are not necessarily God’s best activities for this new season.

There is a call to hear and move in a fresh and new way.


God’s eye is on Alberta. God is rising on behalf of Alberta at this time and seeking to raise up many who will contend for her purposes. Alberta’s breakthrough is not only for Alberta in this year, but for the entire nation. 

There is a call for believers across Canada to rally behind the shift the Lord wants to bring to Alberta in this season. This relates to the establishment of godly individuals in places of influence, the economy and revival. God is moving both in the seemingly natural and in the spiritual.  

The spirit of revival is brooding in Alberta – and there will be massive outbreaks of the spirit there this year – particularly in Edmonton and with the First Peoples.

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  • Please see the strategic initiatives tab on the CPC site for some specific gatherings & prayer initiatives happening in Alberta this spring –


We have entered into a season where First Nations voices are going to be anointed by heaven to bring justice, alignment and restoration to our nation in increasing measure. It has already begun and it will continue.  First Nations voices are going to be used powerfully to set things in order. They will emerge with great courage confronting corruption and political spirits. Many of them will be believers, though not all.  

As First Nations women take their place and release the anointing on their life for Canada, it will propel the nation forward and break the power of historical injustices in the spirit realm.

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The burning ones word is in motion. This was a word that was given in 2014 about groups of believers that would be on fire for God, committed to seeking His face in the place of prayer & those that would both carry and help trigger mass revival. There is a strong sense that this word is now in motion and that there are many epicentres of burning ones who are already ablaze – particularly in the north of Alberta and Saskatchewan. These nameless and faceless gatherings will be ablaze with the authentic fire of heaven, moving in signs and wonders, consumed with a passion to seek God’s face and call heaven to earth.  

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We are going to higher places in worship in this season. This is one of the primary tools that the Lord will use to spiritually shift things over regions. High praise and worship that is filled with Holy Spirit will be the breaker in this season. As worship teams and leaders surrender to the leading of Holy Spirit and break through walls and barriers in the spirit realm, great shifts will be secured on many levels. Worship is our warfare.


We are in a season of both shaking and acceleration. Humility is the key. Whether being positioned for promotion or shaken in the fire, the posture the Lord is requiring of us all is deep humility in the fear of the Lord.

The nation is in a divine season of shaking. In the past season, many Christians were deeply shaken, tested and experienced high level warfare. Many have come through the fires of testing and warfare as pure gold.  

Now the nation is being shaken. This will include all the power spheres such as government, business and media. God is shaking much that can be shaken so that that which cannot be shaken will remain.


Ottawa – Many revival streams are about to converge in Ottawa for a fresh outpouring of His Spirit.

Indigenous Youth – God’s eye is on the Indigenous. This will be a year of increased outpourings of Holy Spirit at Indigenous youth events. There is also a call for more labourers in this area. As believers get involved with outreach to Indigenous youth (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) they will experience stunning results and great fruit.

Missing and Murdered Women – This will be coming to a head. God’s justice is about to manifest in increasing measure in the realm of those who are abusing women in Canada. This is a prayer point. It is something the Lord is going to bring to a head as the church prays.

Innovation & Technology – Kelowna and the Niagara Region – God is going to be giving fresh and creative ideas to His church in the area of innovation. These innovations will not only solve problems but release great wealth to some believers. One of the areas will be artificial intelligence. Mini-Silicon valleys are going to emerge. Kelowna and the Niagara region will be two convergence points for this.

Houses of Prayer – With the fresh wave of prophetic oil in Canada there is also going to be much fresh movement in Houses of Prayer and even new Houses of Prayer will emerge in this season. 



We are in a season of great harvest.  Many are being gripped afresh with a burden for souls and being emboldened to share their faith again. God is also releasing a fresh faith for the harvest. No one is beyond God’s loving hands and reach.

This is a global shift, and Canada has a part in it.  

Courage fueled by love and a revelation of God’s heart for the lost is beginning to fill us again. Press into this, it will lead to great fruit.

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There is a strong call to come back to the place of first love, devotion and intimacy with heaven. One of the CPC members who has been a Christian for 40 years let out this cry at a recent CPC meeting, “Jesus I want to know you more than I have ever known you.”  We believe this represents the heart of heaven. Whether we have known Jesus for 1 day or 70 years, there is a call to fresh intimacy in this hour.


CINDY JACOBS – November 2018 – A word for Canada that included a prophesied shift, awakening, revival, reformation, God moving in Alberta and the potential of a new Prime Minister that would move the Canadian Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. 

LOU ENGLE – November 2018 – A word for Canadian women who are arising with courage and strength to fight for their babies. 

SHAWN BOLZ – February 2019 – A word for the emergence of the Canadian church bringing solutions to some of the nation’s and generations biggest challenges. The call for Canada to model this.

BARBARA YODER – September 2018 – A word about shaking at the highest level of government and an earthquake in Canada. The written word can be read here.