November 14th, 2019 - Dream - Jesus is Lord - Kirk Smith

I had a dream that I was in the city of Saint John, NB with an apostle in the area. At the very moment when we sat down at a table (that was next to a wall, that was all windows, looking towards city buildings) – suddenly everything violently shook! It was like an earthquake shifting things but nothing was destroyed from what I could tell. I was concerned about the children of the church and went downstairs to check on them to see if they were ok, I was concerned. 

(Dream shifts now)

I am now a young warrior with a black sword in hand and aware that I had just taken out some giants. I am now resting in a low rest spot by the highway/road that was going by above it. The sense is that it was early morning, before the sun comes up. I am looking straight up, on to the road and suddenly out of the peripheral of my right eye, in a split second, I see a warrior king with horsemen coming behind him. I don’t even have the opportunity to think and my face is in the ground and my body is laid out flat. I am honestly terrified and wondering if he was going to kill me. The power and authority that was coming off him was eminence. Will I have to try to fight him..? I don’t want to fight him…what do I do…? 

He continues to go by and as He goes by, I can just begin to raise my face off of the ground to look and see a great shining. His sword is thrown to the ground in front of me and lands. It said with great clarity going down the blade in red lettering, ‘JESUS IS LORD’. As he continued to pass, I knew I was to drop my black sword and pick up this great sword. I knew that this sword was thousands of times greater than what I had been using to kill giants with. 

Then, I was calling out and training young boys around 8 years old….saying come with me, I am going to train you how to war and wield the sword. The young boys soberly said yes. 

The thought left resting upon my spirit was….WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU…?